One last note, please read:
The local police are getting tough on drinking and driving on golf carts.  Seems that a lot of the folks staying in Cancun and coming to the island for the day have been getting a bit carried away and had several wrecks so they have instituted a no-tolerance policy and it is not cheap, so please no drinking and driving on golf cart, I wouldn’t even have an open container to be safe. 

When you land in Cancun and go through customs and immigration, you will go outside the airport and talk to NONE of the folks with the deals, they will be trying to sell you timeshares or high priced taxis to the Ferry port.  Pass through that area and look for your transfer company van or David who will be holding my Casa Mango sign.  They will drive you to the ferry dock.  Buy your ferry tickets and ride the ferry to Isla Mujeres.  When you get off the ferry, look for the guys with the little bikes with the carts, they will load your bags and take them to the hotel for tips, $5 per cart full of bags is typical unless you have something out of the ordinary.  Nautibeach is only a couple of blocks away and you walk through the town so you don't need a cab if you like to walk.  If you do want a cab, they will only charge you a couple of bucks for the trip but most of the cars are very small and will only fit 2 or 3 people and your luggage.




We know we don't have to say this but we will anyway.  Make sure you bring your passport.  Even more important, check it now to make sure it is still valid on your travel dates, they want it to be valid for at least 6 months after your travel dates.  Expedited passport fees are very expensive so be proactive.


If you have not already, please make your lodging arrangements.  Our Host Hotel is Nautibeach Condos, both beach concerts are walking distance from the hotel.  Please book your condo DIRECTLY with Nautibeach at 1.888.428.8599 and reference Songwriters Island, we have all of the rooms blocked for this event.  You will not find better accommodations at a great price in such a beautiful place.  If Nautibeach is sold out, we also have a property manager that will assist in booking other properties in the area.  Email me at for their contact information.

We DO NOT mail out paper tickets for these events.  You can print out your paypal receipt if you like but it is not necessary.  We keep a guest list with us so you do not need to bring tickets with you or take the chance of losing them.  We will check everyone in from that list at the Welcome Party.

Note:  If for some reason you cannot make the trip, please contact us so that we can adjust the guest list...but don't worry, even though we can not refund tickets, your tickets can be used at any future IslandFest or Island Showcase.



Lola Valentina (Coconut French Toast)
Mango Café (Coconut French Toast)
Mayan Beach Club
North Garden
Café Mogagua

Mayan Beach Club

Isla Burger

Green Demon (fresh healthy offerings)
Capitan Dulche
Skulls Landing (Crunchy Shrimp Tacos)
Mercado Municipal/Loncheria San Martin (across from Hotel Las Palmas)
Snappers Sports Bar (love their Curry Chicken)

Madera Food and Art
Mayan Beach Club (ask them to put a table on the beach at sunset for you)
Lola Valentina (everything is great here, try the guacamole)

Xantolo (Delicious Mayan Inspired food)
El Patio
Javis Cantina (just amazing)

Grill Garden
Limon (Sergio cooks for you in his back yard, need a cab to get there)
Asia Caribe
Rolandi’s (late night pizza and ice cream)
Rosa Sirena
Street Vendors at the end of Hidalgo St.

Marquesita street vendors (you can’t eat just one)

Late night tacos!
Taco truck at the end of Hidalgo St (my go-to for late night tacos al pastor)

Tres Mentiras
Lola Valentina

Mayan Beach Club
Soggy Peso
El Patio
The Joint

The Borracho Burro

If you have not already, please make your air travel arrangements.  You will fly into Cancun.  Most of our guests will fly in on Wednesday or Thursday morning to make it to the welcome party on Thursday afternoon (or earlier if you want to spend more time on the island) and fly out on Monday or Tuesday afternoon.  Try not to book return flights early in the morning so you have time to get the ferry off the island and then a cab to arrive at the airport 2 hrs before flight time since it is an international flight.  If you do need to stay a night on the Cancun side of the ferry, we have friends that own a cozy and inexpensive AirBnB called Kiosco Folk, 2 blocks from the ferry.  Talk to Daniela and Octavio at this link:

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OTHER IMPORTANT NUMBERS TO KNOW (mention Songwriters Island for best rates)


Shepherd/McCabe/          Scherz

The exchange rates are really in our favor so prices on food, drinks, etc. are very inexpensive.  To get the best exchange rate, exchange dollars for pesos at home before you leave and as needed at one of the banks on the island, the ferry port on Isla Mujeres, or at the office at Nautibeach.  Most places will take US Dollars but most will not give favorable exchange rates so do not use US Dollars to pay for stuff.  Many places are now taking credit cards also.  We use credit cards (best exchange rate) where we can and pay for everything else with pesos.  Grab some pesos at your bank before you leave and then get pesos at the ATM by the ferry port, very good exchange rate.


You will want to book a transfer from the airport to the ferry dock, cabs can get expensive in Cancun.  We have a private driver that is a personal friend that will pick you up in his van at the airport and drop you off at the ferry and the reverse on your return and provide water and beer for the trip.  His name is David and you can reach him on WhatsApp at +52 1 998 154 9474 or Facebook messenger at as Rey Castillo.  Text is NOT a good way to get David.  If you prefer a transfer company, we have also had great experiences with USA Transfers, CARM, and Happy Shuttle.  All (including David who is the best price) are priced by the van so if you know of anyone else with similar arrival and departure times, you can get a great deal if you share the van.  To make things simple for you, the van company (and David) will offer to sell you ferry tickets, they are the same price as at the ferry dock so you can buy the package if you like to make it easier.  When you book your transfer, make sure you are going to the Isla Mujeres Ferry at Puerto Juarez.  It is cheaper and faster than the one at the Hotel Zone.


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Erdman/Welling/       Bostic

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